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"2018 FRA-LAFRA SER Conventions"

04-21-2018 Posted 2018 SER Convention Newsletter #2

"2018 FRA-LA FRA National Conventions"

08-08-2018 Posted 2018 FRA/LA FRA Convention Newsletter #4

"Candidates for National and Regional Offices"

11-03-2017 Posted FRA NP Nominating Resolution (NP William Starkey)
11-03-2017 Posted FRA NP Nominating Resolution (NVP Robert Washington)

11-03-2017 Posted FRA NVP Nominating Resolution (PRPSE James Robbins)
01-09-2018 Posted FRA NVP Nominating Resolution (PRPSW Michael "Mick" Fulton)
04-05-2018 Posted NVP Nominating Resolution (PRPNE-NEng Donna M. Jansky)

02-11-2018 Posted FRA RPSE Nominating Resolution (RVPSE James P. Richmond)
03-02-2018 Posted LAFRA RPSE Nominating Resolution (RVPSE Carolyn Whitaker)
03-16-2018 Posted FRA RVPSE Nominating Resolution of (Laurie Bailey)
03-16-2018 Posted LAFRA SER Treasurer Nominating Resolution (C. Tyler Malmgren)

FRA Southeast Region Newsletter

03-26-2018 Posted FRA RPSE Apr-Jun 2018 Newsletter

"FRA SER Bylaws & Standing Rules Resolutions"

02-11-2018 Posted BL&SR Resolution 1 {Sec. 903(a)}
02-11-2018 Posted BL&SR Resolution 2 {Sec. 903(b)}

"2018-2019 FRA Essay Contest"

07-10-2018 Posted Essay Contest Poster, Cover Sheet & Contest Rules

"2017-2018 FRA Essay Winners"

02-26-2018 Posted 2017-2018 SER FRA Essay Contest Winners
04-25-2018 Posted the Two SER National Winners

LAFRA Regional President's Newsletter

06-10-2018 Posted LAFRA RPSE Newsletter No. 4

LA FRA Forms

05-18-2018 Posted LAFRA 2018 SER Convention Delegate Form

"FRA Forms"

02-20-2018 Posted FRA SER Convention Delegate Credentials
02-24-2017 Posted Current Membership & Life Membership Forms
04-03-2018 Posted 2018-2019 Annual Report of Branch Officers Form
04-03-3018 Posted 2017-2018 Branch Committee Reports Forms
04-03-2018 Posted 2018 National Convention Branch Delegate Form
04-10-2018 Posted Fillable 2018 Annual Report of Branch Officers Report Form
04-10-2018 Posted Fillable Branch Committee Report Forms (w/o VS Cmte)
04-10-2018 Posted Fillable 2018 National Convention Branch Delegate Form 

"Shift Colors"

04-02-2018 Posted Shift Colors Sprinf-Summer 2018

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