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FRA RPSE "Hot Scoop"

02-06-2019 Posted Updated FRA RPSE Travel Itinerary

Upcoming 2019 FRA & LAFRA Events
[Listed by Date of Event]

11-19-2018 Posted 2019 FRA/LAFRA SER Midyear Meeting Newsletter #1
02-04-2019 Posted 2019 FRA/LAFRA Alabama-Tennessee Caucus Newsletter #2
01-10-2019 Posted 2019 FRA/LAFRA SER Florida Council Meeting Newsletter
02-04-2019 Posted 2019 FRA/LAFRA SER Convention Newsletter #1
02-07-2019 Posted 2019 FRA/LAFRA National Conventions Dates & Location

Candidates for National & Regional Offices

FRA National
02-07-2019 Posted Nominating Resolutions
NP 2019-2020 NVP Donna Jansky
NVP 2019-2020 PRPSW Michael Fulton
NED 2019-2022 DLP John R. Davis
NED 2019-2022 PRPEC Christopher Slawinski

LAFRA National
02-07-2019 Posted LAFRA NVP Bea Parco NP 2019-2020 Nominating Resolution
02-08-2019 Posted LAFRA PRPSE Ronalee Klase NVP 2019-2020 Nominating Resolution

FRA Regional
01-23-2019 Posted FRA RVPSE Laurie Bailey 2019-2020 RPSE Nominating Resolution
LAFRA Regional
11-14-2018 Posted LAFRA RVPSE Gale Nathan 2019-2020 RPSE Nominating Resolution

FRA Southeast Region Newsletter

12-29-2018 Posted FRA Southeast Region Newsletter (JAN-MAR 2019)

FRA SER Officers & Committees 2018-2019

10-04-2018 Posted FRA SER Officer & Committee List 2018-2019

2018-2019 FRA SER Essay Winners

02-11-2019 Posted 2018-2018 SER Americanism Essay Winners

Southeast Region Photo Gallery

02-12-2019 Posted pictures from 2019 SER Midyear Meeting

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