FRA Southeast Region History


"The Start-Up"

 From the Official Minutes of the 19th FRA National Convention held in Chicago, Illinois in 1946 (Page 3)


 Resolution No. 9                                                                                                                        Jacksonville, Br. 91

WHEREAS:  The Regional Vice-President of the East Coast has made an honest and commendable effort to visit and keep all Branches under his jurisdiction informed of all matters of interest to the members, and

WHEREAS:  The great distances involved in covering the entire region assigned to the Regional Vice-President of the East Coast is in excess of what should be required to properly administer the necessary supervision of the region, and,

WHEREAS:  There has been no regional supervision assigned to the entire southern territory, and,

WHEREAS:  The membership of the branches geographically located within the proposed additional region numbers approximately two thousand with a possible addition of three new branches in the very near future, namely; Green Cove Springs, Fla., Memphis, Tenn., and Corpus Christi, Texas, and,

WHEREAS:  This proper National jurisdiction and recognition would serve as a great impetus in local interest and recruiting for the Fleet Reserve Association;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:  Change Article VIII, Sections 1c and 2 respectively of the Constitution to read:  Section 1c-“Nine regional Vice-Presidents, one from New England, one from the North East, one from the East Coast, one from the South East, one from the East Central, one from the Mid-West, one from California, one from the North West, and one from the Philippine Islands.”

Section 2 –“The territory for the nine regional districts shall be as follows:

Regional Vice President, New England:  Branches in New England States.

Regional Vice-President, North-East:  Branches in Eastern New York and Upper New Jersey.

Regional Vice-President, East Coast:  All Branches in the territory comprising the Fourth and Fifth Naval Districts.

Regional Vice-President, South-East:  All Branches in the territory comprising the sixth, seventh, and Eighth Naval Districts.

Regional Vice-President, East Central:  On a line embracing the territory on a circuit of Branches from Rochester to Dayton to Detroit.

Regional Vice-President, Mid-West:  Embracing the territory of the following Branches:  Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee.

Regional Vice-President, California:  All California Branches.

Regional Vice-President, North West:  North from the California-Oregon line, and including the supervision of overseas branches, except branches in the Philippine Islands.

Regional Vice-President, Philippine Islands:  All Branches in the Philippine Islands.  Provided that the creation of a Regional Vice-President for the Philippine Islands shall not obligate the National Treasury in the payment of travel expenses to the National Convention or National Board meetings.”

 Any suggested changes in the above resolution will be gladly considered and re-submitted.



1st Regional Vice President Southeast Annual Report

 From the Official Minutes of the 20th FRA National Convention held in Seattle, Washington in 1947

(Pages 24-25)



PRESIDENT BONAMARTE:  Now, I would like to have the report from the Regional Vice President

of the Southeast.


SHIPMATE BEALL:  This is a verbal report from Regional Vice President Walter E. Beall to Robert S. Bonamarte, National President.  Report of the RVP, Southeast, for the Association year 1946-47.


“My first duty in my official capacity of RVP, Southeast, was to contact all branches by letter.  The response from the branches regarding the correspondence was very poor.


Every city in the Region, that had a branch of the Fleet Reserve Association, located in the continental United States, was visited by me.  Three of the branches were not holding stated meetings, they were New Orleans (92), Charleston (50) and Green Cove Springs, Fla. (98).  I was never able to contact any officers of the above-mentioned branches.  The rest of the branches were meeting regularly.  This necessitated me travelling 2370 miles by air, plus 5,187 miles by automobile, making a total distance covered of 7,557 miles.


The region had an overall gain of 63% in per capita tax over the year 1946-46 [sic], with a total of $7,426.70 turned in by the region.


We had only two branches in the region that had been in a deactivated state brought to life during my tenure.  They were Branch 59, Coco Solo C.Z. reactivated by shipmates, Carlson and Floyd, and Branch 52 of San Juan, P.R. reactivated by Shipmate Murl Armstrong.  Three new branches were organized in the Region.  They were Branch 30, Brunswick, Ga. Organized by Shipmate Eddie Abel; Branch 77 Balboa, C.Z. organized by Shipmates May and French, and last but not least Branch 102, organized by Shipmate Arthur (Baldy) Morgan.  With these branches reactivated and organized this year, it brought the region up to a total of 18 branches, a gain of 5 over the previous year when the region had 13 branches.


Out of the nine prizes awarded branches for membership gain in the year, this region received six of them.  In group #1, Pensacola, Fla. (22) took first place; Jacksonville, Fla. (91) second place.  In group #2 Corpus Christi, Texas (94) took first place with Dallas, Texas taking third place.  In group #5 Gtmo [sic] Bay, Cuba (100) taking first place with Orange, Texas taking second place.


It was my pleasure to be present at a meeting of Branch 30, Brunswick, Ga. and presenting them with their charter.  This Branch had been instituted and their officers installed previously on a visit by the N.P. Shipmate Bonamarte.  I was singularly honored by Branch 102, St. Petersburg, Fla. at being invited by the Branch to conduct the institution of the Branch, and installing their officers.

It is with regret that I also have to report that three of the branches in the Region are in the last position of their respective groups.  In group #1 it is New Orleans (92), Group #2 Charleston, S.C. (50), Group #3 Green Cove Springs, Fla. (98).  I have not met with any success in contacting officers of these branches, although I have visited the towns in which they meet.


The caucus for the Region was held at Pensacola, Fla. On the 19th of July with the incumbent RVP presiding.  At this caucus Shipmate George Chaney of Branch 22 was elected as the RVP for the Association year 1947-48.



I wish the incoming RVP all the success that I have had from the Region, and may it continue to grow during his incumbency.  I think that this region has the potentialities to become the greatest region in the Association.


I wish to take this opportunity to thank those in National Headquarters, Shipmates Lofgren, Pyle and Lusby, for their splendid cooperation during the past year, and may they continue in the work of looking out for the enlisted man of the Navy for years to come.


To Shipmate N.P. Bonamarte, I wish to say Well Done, because I think that under your guidance, that we have had the most successful year of the Association.


Walter E. Beall

   R.V.P. Southeast



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