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Whereas, The delegates assembled at the 71st South East Regional NOMINATING RESOLUTION FOR 71st SOUTHEAST REGIONAL

Convention to be held August 24 – 27, 2017 in Charleston, SC will have the duty and responsibility of electing a dedicated, experienced, and qualified shipmate to the office of SE Regional Secretary/Treasurer for 2017-2019; and

Whereas, The assembled delegates realize that this shipmate elected must possess leadership, integrity and perservance necessary for this most important office, and at the same time ensure he meets the prerequisites of Loyalty, Protection and Service; and

Whereas, This shipmate has been a member of the FRA since 1988 and within its membership a shipmate who possess these important attributes, and will provide the highest stands to the office and to the shipmates of the South East Region.

Whereas, This shipmate has served at the Branch level with positions on the Board of Directors, as Chairman of the Public Relations committee, Secretary/Treasurer (6 years), President (1 year) and has served on various other committees; Currently the Secretary for the Florida Chief Petty Officers Association, and he is a retired Yeoman Chief Petty Officer, serving 22 years active duty, and

Whereas, This shipmate has won several First and Second Place Committee Reports for Public Relations.  He has been nominated twice for the prestigious Frank J. McPherson Award and recruited many new members from The Florida Chief Petty Officers Association.

Whereas, The shipmate at Branch 117, Orlando, FL, knows that this dedicated shipmate’s experience and devotion to our Region qualifies him to continue to serve his shipmates; now, therefore be it

Resolved, That the Delbert D. Black Branch 117, Orlando, FL at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting held on 19 November 2016, a quorum being present, did unanimously vote to place the name of Shipmate Stephen J. Miglionico for the regional year 2017 – 2019; and be it further

Resolved, The Delbert D. Black Branch 117 solicits the support and endorsement of all branches of the South East Region for the candidacy of South East Region Secretary/Treasurer.



JAMES L. MIDDLEKAUFF                                                  STEPHEN J. MIGLIONICO

President, Branch 117                                                             Secretary/Treasurer, Branch 117


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